Commercial Services

Business owners throughout Northeastern, IN need a trustworthy HVAC and plumbing company that they can rely on for quality services. T&T Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, & Geothermal is proud to be that company. We’ve been in business since 1983, and during that time we’ve helped countless area businesses with their comfort and plumbing needs. When you need quality commercial HVAC and plumbing services in northeastern Indiana, call T&T.


Air Conditioning Services

Summers in Northeastern Indiana can be brutal, especially if you don’t have a properly working air conditioner. Many people look to businesses as an escape from the hot temperatures outside. If customers walk into your business and find it to be just as sticky outside as it is inside, call T&T for commercial air conditioning repair services. We’ll make sure your business is comfortable for your staff and customers throughout the summer. Big buildings like plazas, office parks, and factories have large specialty HVAC systems that need to be maintained frequently to prevent breakdowns. Our team can schedule maintenance based on your schedule to keep your system prepared for the upcoming hot temperatures. If our team of technicians finds that your system is beyond repair, we have the equipment and the experience to install commercial air conditioning systems in your building. Just call T&T today for an estimate on a new cooling system.


Furnace Services

Not every heating and cooling business is prepared to service commercial properties. Commercial HVAC systems are extremely expensive and a repair done by an inexperienced technician can lead to worse problems down the road. T&T has been trusted by businesses all over Northeast Indiana to design, install, and maintain their heating and cooling systems. Whether you’re starting from the ground up or want to retrofit your current building with a new HVAC system, talk to our team for help.    We’re happy to provide you with any of the following furnace services for your commercial property:
  • Commercial Furnace Installation
  • Commercial Furnace Tune-Up
  • Commercial Furnace Repair


Commercial Plumbing

The average workplace hosts more people than the average house, and that takes a big toll on your business’s plumbing system. If your plumbing system isn’t built to support all of these people, it could lead to a disaster. If you need fixture installation, plumbing repairs, or plumbing maintenance, call on the plumbing professionals at T&T for help. Our plumbers are also experienced in commercial plumbing installations and problem-solving. We are happy to help keep the water flowing in your business.

Car Wash Plumbing

There are few businesses that rely on their plumbing systems more than car washes. T&T specializes in car wash plumbing in Northeastern Indiana. Car washes need the right amount of water, water pressure, and heated water to satisfy their customers. When your business revolves around extensive plumbing work, it’s often common for it to develop issues along the way. When that happens, you can count on us for your car wash plumbing repairs.

We’ve helped many car washes get their start by designing plumbing solutions to fit their needs. Then, our car wash customers call us again for all their maintenance needs since we know their plumbing systems so well. Let your plumbing work for you by talking to T&T about your car wash plumbing needs.


Commercial New Construction Plumbing

During the construction process, you can’t forget about plumbing. Our plumbing professionals have years of experience designing and working with contractors for commercial new construction plumbing projects throughout the Noble, Dekalb, and Allen counties. Our plumbing contractors are prepared to start new projects and can account for issues builders might not have considered.
If you’re a builder or a property owner, partner with T&T to satisfy your comfort and plumbing needs in your newly constructed business. Our team will be able to provide you with quality solutions, expert installation, and innovative designs to make sure your project is completed without a hitch. Contact us today for the following services:
  • Commercial Plumbing Installation
  • Commercial Plumbing Maintenance
  • Commercial Plumbing Repair

Turnkey Plumbing Services

Property managers and business owners know they need plumbing services when building a new development, but they might not expect how often plumbing issues occur. Having someone standing by, always ready to help is an incredible asset. When you use T&T to install the plumbing in your new construction project, keeping us as your plumber for repairs and maintenance ensures faster repairs, quality workmanship, and creating a good relationship with your local plumbing team. T&T offers turnkey plumbing services to Northeastern Indiana contractors, property managers, and business owners. Who better to serve your plumbing needs than the plumbers who built your system? Talk to our team today to see how we keep your plumbing system working as well as the day it was installed.


Sign Up For Our Commercial Service Agreements

You’re busy running your business; you don’t have time to maintain a schedule for repairs for the various systems around your property. That’s where T&T comes in. We can help make the lives of business owners easier with service agreements.

We keep track of when your system needs services so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to create an appointment. We’ll contact you to schedule a service visit around your busy schedule. This will keep your business comfortable and energy efficient, and limit the possibility of unexpected breakdowns or clogs. Contact us today to sign up.


T&T is Northeastern Indiana’s Trusted Commercial HVAC & Plumbing Team

A working HVAC or plumbing system is like a business. All the pieces need to be working hard and efficiently to keep everything running smoothly. If you have employees or systems breaking down, your business suffers. Don’t let comfort or plumbing issues be the reason that your business is hurting. Talk to T&T for dynamite plumbing, heating, and cooling services that blow away the competition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your commercial property.